they don't tell you what you know you should want. (ziti) wrote in hernamewas_vain,
they don't tell you what you know you should want.

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xWhat is your name? Michele (with one L)
xHow old are you? 16 1/2
xFavorite bands/artists? blah I'm bad with favorites... appleseed cast, glassjaw, get up kids, piebald maybe umm.. the postal service
xFavorite films? requiem for a dream, boondock saints, battle royale, the south park movie, monty python and the holy grail, donnie darko, american history x, office space, the matrix, memento, ummm the list could go on, maybe i'll throw spiceworld in there, i think I'll always love that one hahaha
xWhy do you want to join this community? lexi told me to and she's awesome.
xEver had your heart broken? haha yeah... but i'm a forgiving person so... they might be given the opportunity to break it again? ;x
xOnce you're a member, what kind of material would you be posting? ummm I'll post some pictures prolly...
xPost at least three pictures of yourself.
here you go:

haha yeah


hahahaha everyone told me I look like a librarian with my glasses...

uhhhh yeah and that is all *crosses fingers*
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Oh, 'One L', I love you and I think you're wonderful for applying. Haha, in the third picture you look like you're afraid somebody's going to hit you.


Now put on some goth makeup and do a dance for me.
hahahahahaha i'm giving the "wtf is this kid trying to ask me about some book" librarian face!

I will not wear any gothic makeup ma'am (but ummm maybe I should post the pictures of you being a goth here? haha jk, I keep them all to myself<3)

but I will dance for you *dances*

i really like the last picture. you have gorgeous hair.

ahhhhh thank you, my hair gives me so much trouble. I didn't know I had curly hair until like 9th grade haha...

that happened to me too! seriously, i had like, pin straight hair until the summer after my sophomore year in high school

then i cut it and it went all wavy/curly like wtf?
omg that's weird...

but I think my hair was always curly, I just never payed attention to it and I used to claim that it was "half straight half curly half wavy and yes I know that's 3 halves" and then one day i got out of the shower and i looked in the mirror and i was like holy shit those are curls!!! hahaha instead of just brushing it right away. haha sigh the stories I take the time to tell...
Congratulations, you're been:

Both in the community, and in my heart. Haha, what? ♥
haha awwwwwww yay