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hernamewas_vain's Journal

[ vanity, thy name is woman ]
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This is not just another rating community, where people judge you merely upon looks. We are beautiful, yes-- but we are also creative, stylish, and have excellent tastes in music.

To become a member:
Simply fill out an application [please post it in a lj-cut] The other members will either vote you in, or sadly, out. If you are accepted & stamped, POSTPOSTPOST!

The Application:
xWhat is your name?
xHow old are you?
xFavourite bands/artists?
xFavourite films?
xWhy do you want to join this community?
xEver had your heart broken?
xOnce you're a member, what kind of material would you be posting?
xPost at least three pictures of yourself.

Note: This community is for both females and males.

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_foreveryoursyour co-maintainer