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The Application:
xWhat is your name?: Angela
xHow old are you?: 17
xFavourite bands/artists? Metric, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Hot Heat, Ladytron, No Doubt, LIARS, t.A.T.u. (Lexi <3333)
xFavourite films?: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Finding Nemo, Zoolander, Signs, etc,etc.
xWhy do you want to join this community? Because I think it's cool, and Lexi slash other maintainer did a kick-ass job making it -insert thumbs up-
xEver had your heart broken?: ehhh...I guess.
xOnce you're a member, what kind of material would you be posting?: Porn hahah just kidding. Who am I, STEVEN!??! Uhm, whatever I should? More pictures of my ugly self?
xPost at least three pictures of yourself.:(I'm on right for all of them. Sister is left for most)

I look bad! I smile terrible. Blah. oh well. it's all for you know who! (shhh)
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