blue eyes burn like fire (heyitsmike) wrote in hernamewas_vain,
blue eyes burn like fire

xWhat is your name? Mike
xHow old are you? 15
xFavourite bands/artists? Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through, Throwdown, Glassjaw, Boys Night Out, Thursday, Atreyu, Brand New, As I Lay Dying, Between The Buried and Me
xFavourite films? Resevoir Dogs, Kung Pow(Enter the Fist), American History X, 25th Hour, anything with Edward Norton
xWhy do you want to join this community? Lexi told me to.
xEver had your heart broken? Yes.
xOnce you're a member, what kind of material would you be posting? any pictures that i don't look like a total doofus.

the last two aren't too good but i like them.
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